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How I’m Unique

It’s About YOU, Not The Product or Service

I use a broad combination of techniques, counseling, products and services to support you in achieving your goals. It’s not about fitting your problem into one existing service or program.

I Blend the Traditional and Non-Traditional

I have a very traditional background – I have an MBA and spent 23 years in clinical research. From my traditional career I incorporate techniques learned about planning, setting and achieving goals, and running a professional business.

I apply these business techniques to the field of human energy. Feng shui works with the energy of your environment, health counseling works with the energy of your food and all of the products and services work with some aspect of your energy. People are now taking charge of their own health and success and looking for new ways to achieve results.

Feng Shui With A Focus On Health

My feng shui training focuses on health. I chose my training program after reading a book by my teacher, Nancy SantoPietro, called Feng Shui and Health. Nancy incorporates a variety of different modalities into her feng shui practice. Many feng shui consultants come from an architectural or design background. My focus is on how you, the client, interact with the energy of your space and how it impacts your health.

I Have Relevant Life Experience

I really enjoy working with women between 40-60 because I most relate to the issues they are facing. I have experienced the stress of corporate life, struggled with weight loss, clutter in my home and the onset of perimenopause. I find it hard to relate to take advice from someone in their early 20’s – perhaps you do too. I have also tried and failed to make changes in my life and my business is based on what has helped move me forward.

I Work at Many Levels Simultaneously

My products and services work at many different levels – the internal physical body, the external environment and hands on techniques on your external physical body.

They appeal to all five senses – the vision of your environment and food, the sensation of hands on energy techniques, the taste of different new foods and new sounds designed to work with you on a cellular level. Essential oils are powerful ways to use your sense of smell to heal and make changes.

We will work on a practical tangible level with foods, perhaps something as mundane as different storage containers. We will also work with more ethereal energy of sound. All of this is complementary to your regular healthcare team and other practitioners. You don’t have to choose – they can all work together.

One Stop Shopping to Try New Techniques

Within the context of a 12 week program or a feng shui consultation, you will have an opportunity to try many new things without having to visit a whole range of practitioners. This saves you the time and effort to locate new practitioners and spend time re-explaining your situation. You can try oils, reiki, Bach Flower essences, frequency attunements with sound and other modalities to see if they work for you. I have large amount of information to help you make informed choices.

One of the most important things I learned was that no one way of eating works for everyone. Our work will focus on giving you new options to try.

If I Don’t Have the Answer I’ll Help You Find It

I have training from many excellent teachers and continue to learn and expand my skills. However, I can’t be an expert in everything. I have a large library of books and tapes for you to read about things you want to explore in more depth. I continue to expand my network of practitioners and will be happy to refer you to other practitioners who practice a different technique or have greater expertise than I do in a particular area. If you have a serious health problem, I will encourage you to see a professional who is licensed to diagnose and treat your particular illness.

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