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Holistic Health and Feng Shui Services

I offer 3 basic types of services – feng shui consultations, 12 week health counseling programs and individual products and services.

Feng Shui – The Energy of Your Environment

Feng Shui is an ancient art that works to maximize the flow of chi (life energy) in your environment.

I am trained in the BTB school of feng shui which is a more spiritual version of feng shui adapted for the modern Western lifestyle.

The space of your home is divided into nine zones which correspond to various areas of your life such as health, career, relationships and wealth.

We can make adjustments in the areas where the flow of energy may be blocked or may be flowing too quickly. These adjustments can include rearrangement of furniture, sound, light, and color. My training includes a special emphasis on health so I will look at any health issues you may be having and analyze the corresponding area of your home.

How Feng Shui Consultations Work

A typical feng shui consultation consists of submitting a rough sketch of the floor plan and furnishings and a brief biography of the client(s). I will analyze the floor plan and tie information from the biography to the corresponding areas of the home. I will prepare a preliminary set of recommendations. I then visit the home and interview the client, tour the actual space and make revisions to my initial analysis based on additional information from the client and things observed during the tour.

The consultation concludes by touring the space with the client and discussing possible adjustments to the space. You, the client makes the final decision about which adjustments to make and when.

Types of Feng Shui Consultations

Home and surrounding property
Conducted on site.

Conducted on site.

Buying a Home
General principles and/or analysis of a specific potential home.

Selling a Home
How to maximize flow of energy to attract buyers.

Specific Health Issues
More detailed analysis of floor plan to address specific health issues.

Floor Plan Analysis
When a site visit is not possible.

Cost is based on the size and complexity of the space and the service options selected.

Additional Services

Space clearing – to improve the flow of chi (life energy) throughout the space and clear any  stale or negative energy. Various techniques including sound, light,  and other rituals.

Blessing ceremony – especially appropriate for homes under contruction, renovation or remodeling projects. Includes feng shui “cures” that can be incorporated into the building materials (such as paint, walls, cement).

Follow up Consultation – to provide assistance in implementing recommendations from a consultation. May include rearranging furniture, hanging items such as crystals or windchimes and blessing ceremony to activate each adjustment.

Cost based on service options selected.

Fashion Feng Shui – The Energy of Your Clothing

Fashion feng shui harnesses the energy of your clothing to achieve the results you want.

It is based on the Chinese 5 elements of wood, water, earth, fire and metal. Each element has a set of characteristics and properties that have a special energy. We will analyze your body type, your core essence and your future intentions according to the 5 elements.

I will help you identify the clothing that is most appropriate for each and show you how to have balance in the energy of your wardrobe. I will show you how to use the energy of your clothing to achieve your goals through the use of color, style, texture, shapes and accessories.

For example, if you are trying to start and grow a business or new project, use the energy of wood by wearing vertical stripes, the colors brown and green and patterns with flowers or vines to symbolize the growth of nature.

Consultation fee depends on the service options selected. Basic consultation is usually 2-3 hours and includes book and all materials. Discount available for groups.  

Financial Feng Shui

In response to the challenges of the current economic crisis, I have created a new 12 week program called financial feng shui. Each week we will look at one of the 9 areas of your floor plan and see how it contributes to your wealth and what adjustments you can make. We will also look at your belief system about money.

12 Week Counseling Programs

Health Counseling – The Energy of Your Food and Body

Health counseling programs are designed to help you feel better, make important changes in your health and lifestyle and give you new options.

I have condensed a significant amount of information to help you navigate your way through the options and select the diet and lifestyle changes that are best FOR YOU.

Counseling programs are structured as 1 hour bi-weekly sessions. During a free 1 hour health consultation I will collect information about your current lifestyle, food choices and goals. In each session we will review your goals, you will talk about any changes since the last session. I will outline a series of topics most relevant to your situation and interests. Each session will have a different topic where I will give you information, handouts, sources for additional information and a gift related to the topic for you to use. I may incorporate other healing modalities and products if appropriate.

The number one concern expressed by clients is that they don’t have time for a 12 week program.

My response is that there are 336 hours in a 2 week period and every one should be able to carve out 1 hour exclusively for themselves. The sessions are structured so that there is adequate time to begin to make lasting changes in a routine and have adequate support and reinforcement while you are trying to make these important changes.

The Basic 12 Week Health Counseling Program – Getting Started

This is the basic program for anyone who doesn’t know how to get started.

It is done by weekly on the phone or in-person at a mutually convenient location. After a free 1 hour health consultation I will prepare a list of topics relevant to your goals and current situation.

The emphasis is on working with you where you are now without judgment.
Topics may include making better food choices, how to read food labels, reducing the use of processed foods and artificial sweeteners.

We will discuss plans and strategies for snacking, eating at work, eating out and on vacations. We will do a brief overview of your living space and office space. I will introduce various stress management techniques, oils, sound healing, visualization and other techniques as appropriate. Each session will include a review of progress (or not) since the last session, new issues or changes since the last session and a discussion of the topic for the week. At the end of the session I will give you a short list of ideas and recommendations to try as well as a small gift to help you.

Beyond the Basics – The Next Level

A 12 session bi-weekly counseling program to build on progress you have made in “The Basics” or if you have started making changes in your life and want to go to the next level.

Topics will focus more in-depth on analyzing the energetics of food and how your specific diet impacts you. We will review a variety of dietary theories to help you achieve balance in your eating and reduce food cravings. We can discuss the benefits of other types of eating systems such as macrobiotics, raw foods, ayurveda, metabolic type or other diets that may be of interest to you. During the course of the program, I will give you samples of new foods to try with instructions on how to prepare them.

The goal is not to dictate a particular diet but through experimentation, find the right way for YOU to eat. We will also discuss good vs bad fats, good vs bad carbohydrates, dairy, protein, organic food, local and seasonal eating. There will also be a continued use of oils, sound healing and other techniques as appropriate.

Make Friends with Your Kitchen 

This is a flexible program, ideally done in 6, 2-hour sessions or a combination of 1 and 2 hour sessions.

Some sessions would be in your home kitchen if possible. This program incorporates elements of the “basics” counseling program but has a greater emphasis on food choices, shopping and preparation.

During the program we will review your current lifestyle and cooking space and set goals for improvement. I will help you assess your kitchen space, equipment, organization, storage and pantry and make recommendations based on feng shui and other principles of organization.

I will assess your cooking knowledge and skills and provide appropriate training. We will discuss simple menu planning and food preparation based on your preferences – having a well stocked pantry and freezer, make ahead meals to cook later, making extra meals to freeze and making one meal that can be transformed into a different meal later in the week. You will select some simple menus that we will prepare in your kitchen so you feel confident. We will also discuss healthy snacks, and making better breakfast and lunch choices.

The goal is to give you new ideas and confidence in making more food at home and decreasing your reliance on take out and processed foods.

It’s All About You – The Ultimate in Self Care

This is a very flexible 12 week (or 6 week) program that focuses on new and interesting ways for you to introduce more pampering and self care into your life.

Each week will feature a different topic or technique focused on YOU. You can choose the topics that are of most interest to you or suggest others. Some of the choices include:

• Aromatherapy and essential oils
• Creating a sacred space and altar for your intentions
• Hands on healing with reiki
• Healing with the vibrational energy of sound
• Journaling
• Creating a vision board
• Home spa treatments you can make at home
• The energy of your clothing
• Mindful eating – how to enjoy your food and eating with your family and friends
• Exploring goddess energy – using angel and goddess cards
• Breathing and meditation techniques
• Creating a retreat at home
• Personal space clearing
• Attracting the right person into your life
• Increasing prosperity and abundance
• Creating daily rituals
• Relaxation techniques for the car and the office 

This program can also be done with a group of your friends. I am also available to do workshops on any combination of topics.

Using the Chinese Five Elements for Energy and Growth

This program uses the specific characteristics of each element to assess and achieve more balance in your life.

The five elements – wind, water, earth, fire and wood are an ancient system used to classify energy. The components we will use are the 5 elements of eating, the 5 elements in your space and the 5 elements of your wardrobe.

We will review each element and its associated energy, foods, characteristics and body systems to determine the balance. Everyone should have some of each element but there may be a large imbalance. Or, you might have a specific goal that you want to achieve.

For example, if you are trying to move forward, we might introduce more wood energy. To attract more attention, you can add more fire energy. I have found that the 5 elements also help you to better understand the energy of your space and the people around you.

The length of the program can vary from 6 to 12 weeks depending on your areas of interest. Ideally, the program will include a home visit to discuss the materials and energies of your kitchen and wardrobe.

Healing Arts and Products

I incorporate many of the following products and services in my feng shui and health counseling programs.

However, you may wish to focus on a specific product or service.


Reiki is a gentle hands on healing technique where I channel universal healing energy through my hands. Sessions usually last 30 - 45 minutes. The client is clothed and resting on a massage table. We will set an intention for the session and I will use a series of gentle hand positions on your head, torso and limbs. I may also use music, oils and other sound healing during the session. I may get impressions that I will share with you. The benefits of the session will continue after you leave.

Sound Therapy – SomaEnergetics Energy Vitality Technique

This is a wonderful technique using the vibrational frequencies of special tuning forks. The technique is based on the premise that we store life experiences as energy patterns. Negative energy patterns block the free flow of energy in our lives.

Many of us live only at a “survival” level and access only the energy needed to get through the day. The technique is designed to help you free blocked energy and access energy which is stored in our body which can then beused to make the changes we want.

Sessions are 30 minutes and conducted fully clothed on a massage table. They begin with an affirmation and a special tuner calibrated to take away the stresses of the day. The session continues with the special tuning forks to open energy centers and raising the client’s energy level from survival to optimum vitality. The effects of the session continue after the session has ended. I can show clients the energy progress they have made in their session in their energy field through use of a pendulum.

Bach Flower Essences

Bach Flower Essences were developed by an English physician to serve as a simple form of preventive health care. The essences represent 38 different plants with a high level of vibrational energy. Dr. Bach developed methods to release the healing energy of these plants from their material form into the substance of the carrier (water). This produces a more stable energetic pattern than most other homeopathic remedies. The use of Bach Flower Essences is a risk free system to use in self-healing. Dr. Bach developed a system of behavior patterns in human nature than can be helped.

A consultation consists of an initial 60 minute consultation where the client is asked a series of questions. I will then develop a combination of up to 7 essences which are added to water. The client will use a dropper to put 4 drops on the tongue, 4 times a day. After the bottle has been used, the client will have a 30 minute consultation to update the formula based on their current state. The essences are taste free and risk free.

Each essence gets to the underlying cause of an emotional issue. For example, a client with insomnia may get one of 10 different essences based on the underlying cause of the insomnia. Bach Rescue Remedy is available in many health stores is an excellent all-purpose formula to use daily.

Young Living Oils and Health Products

I am a distributor for Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils and products. These are the highest quality oils available. There are oils available for everything you can think of from physical ailments to emotional issues. Oils have been around for thousands of years. Young Living also has an outstanding variety of nutritional products, supplements, skin care and other personal care products. NingXia Red is a wonderful antioxidant energy drink with well documented ability to improve health. The main ingredient is the wolfberry.

I use Young Living products in my health counseling and feng shui programs. If you are interested in learning about and sampling the products, please contact me. There are several options available for you to purchase the products directly from Young Living. You may even decide to share the products with family and friends as a distributor.

Cost of Services

I have not specifically listed the cost of the products and services because they are highly variable based on the client’s choices. After a free 1 hour consultation I will prepare a proposal of services and give each client several options. I will work with you to develop a plan that is appropriate for your budget. I offer discounts for pre-payment and for combining several products or services. Counseling programs include the cost of products or services that are used.

Call me today at 732-821-5677 (NJ) or 302-644-4796 (DE) to get started. Or if you prefer, you can email me.

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