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How I Work

The first step is your free initial consultation

All prospective clients receive a free one hour consultation either by phone or in person.

I may ask you to provide some information in advance so we can spend this time focusing on how I can best help you.

The consultation will vary, depending on your areas of interest. For example, if you are interested in a 12 week health counseling program, I will ask you to complete a health history form. If you are interested in healthy cooking, I will also include a questionnaire about your current cooking skills, shopping habits and eating preferences. If you want to work on financial issues, it would be an entirely different set of questions.

During the consultation I will suggest a program of counseling,
consultation and/or products and services that would be helpful.

After the consultation I will prepare a written proposal  based on your needs. Every proposal will provide a range of options within a budget that you have established. I will also give you the ability to choose different levels of service.

You will be asked to sign a contract, read and sign a disclaimer form and in some cases, provide a non-refundable deposit. We will schedule a time and place for commencement of work.

Sessions and Services I Offer

Feng Shui Consultation
12-Week Health Counseling Program
Special 12-week Counseling Programs
Individual (ala carte) Products and Services

Feng Shui Consultation for Your Home or Office

Step 1: For a feng shui consultation, you first have to draw the floor plan of your space, including the location of your furniture, doors, and windows. This does not have to be an artistic masterpiece! You will provide me with a one or two page biography that addresses where you are in your life, some of your personal background, your current challenges and issues, and why you want a feng shui consultation. I will begin work upon receiving the floor plan, biography, and a $150 non-refundable deposit.

Step 2: I will analyze the floor plan in detail. I will then use the information provided in the bio and see how the issues you identify relate to the floor plan. For example, if you are dealing with a particular health issue, I will look at the corresponding places in the floor plan that might be impacting your health. Or, if money is an issue, I will look at the wealth areas of the entire space and in individual rooms.

Step 3: We will schedule an on-site consultation where we will spend the first hour reviewing the information you have provided. I will tour the interior and exterior of the space and incorporate the information into the analysis I have done. We will then tour the space together - this is when the “magic” of a consultation occurs when I walk through the space with you.

After the tour, I often have new insights and recommendations that were not part of my original analysis. I will explain the analysis and suggest “adjustments.” You will record the recommendations on a blank copy of the floor plan. In every case, I can provide one or more alternatives. It is an important part of my job to determine the most important areas and most compatible adjustments for you.

Step 4: I will provide follow-up instructions on how to buy and activate the adjustments. I am available to help you with that process. Following the tradition of the BTB School of Feng Shui, I ask for payment in red envelopes. Clients generally give me a check for the consultation and put dollar bills in a specified number of red envelopes, which I will explain in advance.

Cost of the Feng Shui consultations...

The cost of a consultation will vary by the size and complexity of the project.  The cost will vary based on the level of service and options you choose.

Holistic Health Counseling - 12 Week Programs

The core of health counseling is the 12 week program of one hour bi-weekly sessions. We will meet at the same time and place each session. In the first session you will receive a binder of information and an outline of the topics to be covered.

The program will be customized to identify those areas that you are most interested in. You will also be asked to identify short term and long term goals for the program.

At each session we will review your progress versus your goals. We will talk about a specific topic. I may give you additional background information and handouts on other health topics. In each session I will give you a small gift that is relevant to your program – it may be a new food to try, a journal to record eating, a condiment or some other surprise.

I will make specific recommendations to you at the end of each session. I will be available to you between sessions for any additional support that you need.

If you are more interested in actually learning to cook, we will use the same approach but may need to schedule some longer sessions. I will provide recipes, equipment, information and teach you the skills you need to learn to prepare simple meals that are healthier and more economical than take out food.

The program is structured in 12 bi-weekly sessions to give you the time to incorporate the changes you are learning into your daily routine.

It is said that it takes 21 days to create a new habit so at the end of 6 months you will have at least 8-10 new changes to your daily routine.

Special 12 Week Counseling Programs

The 12 week counseling program is customized around your needs and wants as a client.

I have created special programs that focus on different topics such as creating more abundance in your life, stress management, self care, and love and relationships.

Programs are designed for 12 weeks to allow adequate time to develop new habits and have adequate support during the process. We will meet bi-weekly at the same time and place. Current offerings are outlined in the Services section.

Individual Products and Services

If a 12 week program or feng shui consultation is not right for you at the present time, I am happy to work with you one on one as needed. You may want to periodically have a consultation for a specific product or service or receive an energy treatment. Cost is based on the time and what combination of products an services you choose.

Contact me to get started or if you have questions about any of the services I offer.

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